Betraying Brides with Bankruptcy

Betraying Brides with Bankruptcy The news has broken this week that the Israeli company “EasyWed” has gone out of business. Declaring bankruptcy, they have shut down their website, closed their offices, erased their Facebook page…. And kept deposit checks. The CEO’s phone has been shut off. While the economic press in Israel is all aflutter, the brides are, well, understandably bereft. For some, it may mean having to cancel all of their wedding plans, as their bookings were all through the site. For some, it will mean starting their new life with financial uncertainty due to the loss this causes them.

It’s tragic for customers whenever any business closes. But there is something particularly depressing about lovebirds losing the wedding of their dreams, and finding out on Chanukah.

EasyWed provided “group rate discounts” and promised brides and grooms a savings of hundreds of shekels by using their site, rather than hiring service providers directly, or using a traditional wedding planner.

While we of course sympathize with the couples who lost a ton of money while planning their dream weddings, we need to think about the huge loss to the vendors as well. While the Hebrew press completely ignored this part of the story, I have spoken to many of the photographers, bands, and other service providers who were in contract with EasyWed, some of whom lost tens of thousands of shekels because the company declared bankruptcy.

As an event planner for many brides each year, I understand the emotional and financial investment that goes into each ceremony, each party, each family decision. While my heart breaks for these families, it’s an opportunity to advise anyone planning a wedding in Israel.

Everyone loves a great bargain, to score a coupon or discover a deal.  Particularly in Israel, natives and visitors alike love the rush of the negotiations, the thrill of the deal and the feeling that no matter where you are, you are in the open market.

I suggest that there are certain industries and certain services or products where there are no shortcuts and no coupon codes.  Unfortunately, the wedding industry isn’t the shuk. Simply put, you get what you pay for.

Your wedding is a day you will remember for the rest of your life and when you choose a venue, a dress, a caterer and menu, decide about tables, flowers, photographer, video and more, the most important choice that will affect ALL your choices, is to work with someone you can trust.

Event planners are as different as weddings are, and it is a worthwhile investment of your time to find the right one, who will help you express your individual personalities, realize the vision for your event, and who can respect and work within your budget.

Invest in yourself and your special day, it will be money well spent.


Location! Location! Location!

Tower of David- The grounds of the Tower of David Museum will have you and you guests feeling like you are transformed to ancient Jerusalem. Events take place in the courtyard with amazing views of the Old City.

Bustan at Abu Gosh – Where your special event is set in paradise. Just outside the village of Abu Gosh in the Judean Hills (about 15 min outside Jerusalem). Bustan Abu Gosh is managed by professional catering company Liav and surrounded by trees and greenery. The space can fit between 300-600 guests and open from May-October.

Gazebo (Herzliya)- Located on a small cliff overlooking the sea in Herzliya, Gazebo (which is also a surf club) is a hideaway spot which hosts intimate weddings for up to 100-400 people and specializes in breathtaking sunset weddings.

Cochav HaYam in Caesarea sits atop the beaches of Caesarea with a large indoor space as well as lawns that fit up to 1,000 guests.

Neot Kedumim, the Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel, is a Biblical garden and nature preserve located mid-way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Neot Kedumim is an attempt to re-create the physical setting of the Bible. It comprises a series of natural and agricultural landscapes, among them the Forest of Milk and Honey, the Dale of the Song of Songs, Isaiah’s Vineyard and the Fields of the Seven Species. Signs are posted throughout the garden quoting relevant Jewish texts in Hebrew and English