Lockdown: The Sequel

Just last week, five engaged couples contacted me looking for an event planner.   Not unusual, except nearly all of them called in the peak of the second pandemic lockdown in Israel.  They simply can’t, or fear they can’t, deal with planning a wedding in this climate on their own. “How“, they asked “is anyone planning […]

The Beauty of a Boutique Wedding

I want to let you in on a secret: Boutique events are my favorite to plan, and as a result, one of my specialties. There is plenty of room to focus on the details, to be creative and unique. The legal restrictions on gathering and travel, have made boutique weddings very “in” these days. While regulations […]

Coronavirus: Balancing Fear and Celebration

Coronavirus: Balancing Fear and Celebration

This week I had the heartbreaking job of sitting with a bride at the event hall where her wedding is to take place when she received the news that Israel is limiting gatherings of 100 people or more. Now it seems, the options for even a small event are dwindling further. The world is in […]

Destination Wedding Trends: Israel Edition

Take a look at any wedding blog or celebrity magazine these days and you’ll see a common trend:  the destination wedding. Inviting guests to a unique or meaningful location is fun and adventurous, and can be a light-hearted start for the new couple. While this popular alternative to the traditional wedding venue takes a considerable […]

Isn’t this just giving away all of my secrets?

Isn’t this just giving away all of my secrets?

Several weeks ago, I encountered an interesting post on a Facebook group for event vendors and planners. One of the participants in the group posted: “For all of the event planners in the group… do you tag your vendors when you share about your events on social media? Isn’t that just giving away all of […]

Israel is Not Second Best… Anymore

Glamorous events in Israel

Remember the days when anything Israeli was considered second rate? Restaurants were inferior, homes were inferior, clothing was inferior, heck – even toilet paper was inferior. The fast-growing trend for Jews living abroad to hold their family events here in Israel, is one sign of many that that “inferiority” is simply no longer the case. […]

The <del>Event Planner</del> Culture Melder

The Event Planner Culture Melder | A to Z Events Israel Blog

“Event Planner” may be a somewhat misleading title. Of course I’m the one hustling behind the scenes making sure what you see is your beautiful, shiny, magical celebration, and that you remain blissfully unaware that the florist was late, that I had to stitch up a seam on a bridesmaid’s dress, or that the tables […]

Betraying Brides with Bankruptcy

Betraying Brides with Bankruptcy

The news has broken this week that the Israeli company “EasyWed” has gone out of business. Declaring bankruptcy, they have shut down their website, closed their offices, erased their Facebook page…. And kept deposit checks. The CEO’s phone has been shut off. While the economic press in Israel is all aflutter, the brides are, well, […]