The Beauty of a Boutique Wedding

I’ve always considered myself both a fan of and an expert at planning “Boutique Events”.  

Other events are cookie-cutter events, you may have seen them hundreds of times before.  Boutique Events are one-of-a-kind.

Beit Shmuel

Boutique Events are unique and customized to your personality and style, including the venue selection, design, menu, music and more.

Boutique Events are well thought out and styled to create a mood and a look that’s intimate and festive, including the color, layout, lighting and more.

Boutique Events are quality over quantity!  All the event details including music, flowers, food and more, are selected based on your specific tastes and budget.

And now, thanks to the global pandemic, Boutique Events are more popular than ever!

Here in Israel, we are pleased that regulations are easing and events may include increased numbers of guests.  Yet for practical reasons, many families are still choosing to host more intimate events.   I must say, I’m excited about this new trend!

As an event planner, Boutique Events are my favorite because I can better focus attention on the details, and as I see it, both the guests and the families are able to enjoy the event more. 

During the lockdown, many venues used the time to refurbish, renovate, make improvements, and upgrades. 

Post-lockdown, I spent time visiting (and revisiting) many boutique venues to have the latest updates and make the best, most educated recommendations to my clients.  I’ve also been learning from each venue about requirements for post-pandemic events, and how they are incorporating them into their events.

I’m grateful not only to be out and about and to see my colleagues, but I’m also getting super excited that the venues are filling up quickly, and the many new events being planned! 

I’m pleased to present a helpful list for families searching for the perfect boutique venue for weddings, bar/bat mitzvah parties, corporate events, special birthdays, or any occasion!  It was SO hard to narrow down so many incredible venues to fit a shortlist, so please be in touch, and together we’ll find the perfect Boutique Event venue for you!

Familiar Favorites
Tur Sinai
Elegance in nature.

Beit Shmuel
The best location in Jerusalem.  Hands down.

Khan Theatre
Your special event, located in authentic Jerusalem culture.


Warm and welcoming, located in the Menachem Begin Heritage Museum.

Eretz Beraishit
An elegant event in the Judean Desert.

Port 15
An intimate oasis in the heart of Old Jaffa.

Tel Aviv. Chic.

Gush Winery
A winery with something for the whole family.