I want to let you in on a secret: Boutique events are my favorite to plan, and as a result, one of my specialties. There is plenty of room to focus on the details, to be creative and unique.

The legal restrictions on gathering and travel, have made boutique weddings very “in” these days. While regulations in Israel have eased somewhat, smaller events are still trending, and I suspect they will remain popular for quite some time in the future. Which I personally love! In addition to the practical reasons, having a more intimate celebration has many advantages.

Here are a few:


While You Were Out

While we were in lockdown, many venues used the time to refurbish, making significant improvements and upgrades. As soon as we “opened”, I spent time visiting (and revisiting) some of these venues to see the changes firsthand so that I can make the best, most educated recommendations to my clients. 

Not only is it great to be out and about again, it is also wonderful to see these gorgeous spaces.  I’m so excited to be planning new events with my clients!


Gardens, Wineries, Vineyards and More

This is a taste of some of the great venues I’ve seen recently that are perfect for smaller affairs.  Let’s talk; be in touch if you want to talk about your upcoming function and explore any of these beautiful venue options. 


    Familiar Favorites

Tur Sinai  – Elegance in nature.

Beit ShmuelThe best location in Jerusalem.  Hands down.

Khan Theatre – Your special event, located in authentic Jerusalem culture.

Olmaya – THE VIEW!

Terasa – Warm and welcoming, located in the Menachem Begin Heritage Museum.

Eretz Bereishit – An elegant event in the Judean Desert.

Port 15 – An intimate oasis in the heart of Old Jaffa.

Riverside – Tel Aviv. Chic.

Gush Winery – A winery with something for the whole family.


    New…..To YOU 

Ir David – An assortment of new event venues right in Jerusalem historical archeological sites.

Psagot Winery – You WILL think it’s Napa Valley.

Emile Bottaso new they don’t have a website yet!) – Eclectic, fresh, intimate and very Jerusalem.

Carma Vineyards – Your Pinterest dreams come true.

    Updated and Renovated

Derech Eretz – It was incredible before…now it’s magical!

Havat Ayalon – Same whimsy and fun, now with added sophisticated touches.

Ha’Agam at the Botanical GardensWhat can be more magical than a botanical garden event?

Barkan Winery – Leave the kids at home and enjoy.

Ein Yael When you want Jerusalem….and you want unique.

Caesar Yam – The sea, the archeology, the atmosphere, the food.


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