Israel is Not Second Best… Anymore

Glamorous events in Israel

Remember the days when anything Israeli was considered second rate? Restaurants were inferior, homes were inferior, clothing was inferior, heck – even toilet paper was inferior.

The fast-growing trend for Jews living abroad to hold their family events here in Israel, is one sign of many that that “inferiority” is simply no longer the case. People choose to marry in Israel for many reasons, and not just for the special holiness only found here.

There was a time when families and young couples chose to get married in Israel knowing that their event would be less elegant, a less “regal affair”, and were told to simply count their blessings and enjoy the holy atmosphere. What we used to have to “sacrifice” in terms of style and class by having an event in Israel is simply not true anymore.

There is an unbelievably high caliber of hotels, designers, chefs, gown designers, even makeup artists available today that were not available as recently as ten years ago.  And the level is ever rising, even surpassing those abroad. Events in Israel are coming into their own, with their unique style and endless possibilities.

Israel has become a veritable culinary ‘light unto the nations’. Israelis have known this for a long time, and now the world has finally realized it too, thanks to the many internationally bestselling Israeli cookbooks and award-winning Israeli restaurants.

Israeli wedding dress designers are taking over Bridal Fashion shows worldwide with their stunning collections.

It would be difficult to go to any event anywhere in the world and not hear the most popular Israeli songs and music stars.

Bridal makeup artists in Israel are trained in the US and Europe at the most acclaimed beauty institutions, always updated on the most current industry trends and items to offer their clients in Israel what they are used to “from back home”.

Can we talk gorgeous venues? Considering the small size of our country, it’s astounding the variety of types of hotels with international award-winning acclaim in all types of categories from urban luxury to desert glamping to legendary landmarks to forest spa. The landscapes, seascapes, and sunsets just add to the glamorous options available.

I pride myself on picking and working with the very best that Israel has to offer, and being in the know when it comes to unique vendors to ensure that my clients have the event of their dreams.  The ever-growing number of sophisticated and high-end events here, including bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings, show that this tiny country can give any affair across the globe a run for its money.

Your level of expectations as an American, European or anywhere worldwide can now be met, in all aspects including sophistication, trendiness, glamour (!), service and costs.

Some of the requests I fulfilled for my clients’ events in Israel include providing the highest quality Russian caviar, custom colored tulips from Denmark, private jet planes, authentic Irish bagpipe players, Moroccan belly dancers, state of the art American makeup applicators, award-winning Israeli singers, and much more.

The days of having to choose between having an event in Israel, or having a glamorous event are in the past.

However, I can’t promise your Israeli cousins won’t show up in jeans and flip flops to your elegant beachside wedding.