Founder and CEO of A to Z Events Israel, Adena embodies everything that is expressed in each A to Z event. Organized and creative, down to earth with a love of magic and sparkle, Adena loves the elegance found abroad and the authentic, practical warmth of Israel. 

Originally from New York, Adena is an experienced strategy-maker, hardened negotiator, advisor, and confidant.  She has the unique ability to bridge Western values with Israeli traditions. As an immigrant, she has the patient empathy to help those overwhelmed by planning a destination event in a foreign country. As a wife, mother of 6, and stepmother to 2, she understands the challenges and sensitivities of coordinating family at any event – particularly from abroad. And with years of experience making it in Israel, she has the tenacity to find a way to make it – whatever it is – happen for you. 


Behind the scenes, the most memorable weddings come together when talented suppliers work seamlessly together. Our relationships with the best vendors in the country are built on confidence and trust. Our incredible suppliers work with us hand-in-hand to ensure your dream becomes a reality. 

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