Isn’t this just giving away all of my secrets?

Isn’t this just giving away all of my secrets?

Several weeks ago, I encountered an interesting post on a Facebook group for event vendors and planners. One of the participants in the group posted:

“For all of the event planners in the group… do you tag your vendors when you share about your events on social media? Isn’t that just giving away all of your secrets?”

I was completely taken aback. This is so diametrically opposed to my professional approach.

If vendors bring the magic, why do I need an event planner?

A great event planner is like a superhero (it’s true!) but one of our superpowers is choosing amazing vendors. 

So you might be asking yourself, if the magic of the event comes from the vendors, why do I need an event planner? 

Let’s say you choose to plan an event on your own. You might spend a few hours researching on Facebook or Instagram, or the Almighty Google.   You may even visit my Facebook page to “find” vendors I’ve tagged. Good choice – they are all incredible!

And yet, your event won’t look like the ones on my feed and your experience won’t be the same.  

Match Making

I match my customers with the perfect service providers to create a  customized dream-team for each event. I select the right vendors to make your event uniquely you.  And then I manage all of the personalities and ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

The Power of Negotiation

Everyone loves a good deal.  A good event planner knows that sometimes the “best deal” isn’t always about the discount. Sometimes the best deal is negotiating overtime, getting added extras (that you didn’t even know existed), or an upgraded package deal. These are benefits resulting from established relationships, and you won’t find it on your Google search.

Be a Guest at Your Event

Rather than spending time researching multiple vendors on your own, invest your time and energy in finding a great event planner, that’s all you need to make your event the best it can be. When your special day comes, I’ll take on your worries so you can enjoy your special day.  

So please, ask me my secrets. Here are my vendors, I am more than happy to “give away my secrets” by SHARING them with you! 


Shabi Kedem Photography

Levi Dovid Photography

Nati Noot Cohen

אמיר אטרקציות לאירועים

Rebecca Kowalsky

Ariel Zandberg Photography

Yonit Schiller 

Eugene Weisberg 

Herschel Gutman 

Chaim Snow 


Bloom Floral and Event Design

Pine & Clover by Mookie

Studio Yaya- Yarok Yarok

חלום של בלון

Pablo Designs Flower Shop

Happiness through Flowers

Deena Weiss Event Decor

Hair and Makeup:

Beauty by Rhonda

BeautyMark by Daniella 

רשל מאפרת ומעצבת תסרוקות

Charlotte Hair and Beauty

Elianna Gasner


Ely Katz

The Solomon Brothers

Chupale Band

Penina DJ & Dance

DJ Raphi


Kolot Band

Shai Barak

Shlomo Abramson 

Holy Simcha Entertainment

Graphics and Prints:

Rivka Farkas

Paper n Pixels

Jill Kuchar

Studio Nona

Made by Michal

Designed by Daniella Ackerman 

Cakes and Desserts:

Juliana Cakes

Jerusalem Cake Design

Sugarela Designed Cakes

Rivky’s creations 

Candy Corner


Aviad Yisraeli

Cezanne Catering

Scoop Catering