Betraying Brides with Bankruptcy The news has broken this week that the Israeli company “EasyWed” has gone out of business. Declaring bankruptcy, they have shut down their website, closed their offices, erased their Facebook page…. And kept deposit checks. The CEO’s phone has been shut off. While the economic press in Israel is all aflutter, the brides are, well, understandably bereft. For some, it may mean having to cancel all of their wedding plans, as their bookings were all through the site. For some, it will mean starting their new life with financial uncertainty due to the loss this causes them.

It’s tragic for customers whenever any business closes. But there is something particularly depressing about lovebirds losing the wedding of their dreams, and finding out on Chanukah.

EasyWed provided “group rate discounts” and promised brides and grooms a savings of hundreds of shekels by using their site, rather than hiring service providers directly, or using a traditional wedding planner.

While we of course sympathize with the couples who lost a ton of money while planning their dream weddings, we need to think about the huge loss to the vendors as well. While the Hebrew press completely ignored this part of the story, I have spoken to many of the photographers, bands, and other service providers who were in contract with EasyWed, some of whom lost tens of thousands of shekels because the company declared bankruptcy. Read More